Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Finally, Comet Ison

The weather around here has been a bit difficult for astronomy, and it has been no different with the approach of Comet Ison. Comet Ison is in the morning sky, and I managed to get a clear eastern horizon this morning for an attempt at photographing this new comet. The wind on the mountain was gusting to 20 MPH, so shooting was difficult, to say the least. Here is Comet Ison, on its way to the sun, and hopefully a return trip after perihelion in early December.

This image is of Comet Ison.
Camera - Canon EOS 60D
Lens - Sigma 300 MM f2.8 Lens, set at f4 - ISO 3200 - (420MM effective focal length)
19 Seconds of exposure (19 x1 second)

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