Sunday, May 25, 2008

We had a clear. weekend night

Well, It finally happened. Tonight it was clear, and I took advantage of the skies and headed up on the Parkway to do some astrophotography. I bunch of my friends were up there as well, and we spent a bit of time checking out the wonders in the spring constellations. Once I saw that my target, Rho Ophiuchi, had risen from the crap and light pollution on the horizon, I started shooting the area. I shot about an hour of exposures when some clouds started rolling in from the southeast. That pretty much stopped the imaging, so I packed up and headed home. I hope the images are workable, and if so, I will post the image here soon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Astronomy Weather

Well, what is good for the grass, flowers, and the water supply is not too great for observing. Every once in a while we hit a stretch when the weather does not provide us with good viewing opportunities. Such has been the case lately. I went up to our regular observing spot the first decent clear evening we have had in a while. Once I got to the site, the stars were twinkling like mad, making it a poor night for astrophotography. I kicked back for a few minutes while I was up there and took in the dark, starry sky. Then, I headed back to Roanoke Valley. I am hoping that the cycle of weather will align to give us some good observing nights soon. Till then, I will continue to work on other projects.